Youth Transition Funders Group

Multiple Pathways to Graduation Work Group

The Multiple Pathways to Graduation (MPG) Work Group of the Youth Transition Funders Group focuses on young people who are struggling to stay in school despite the poor quality of their educational experience as well as young people who have been pushed out or dropped out. Our members include local, regional, and national funders interested in sharing information and coordinating investments to support place-based efforts to improve educational and employment outcomes for the large number of young people who struggle in or drop out of school. In 2005, the Multiple Pathways to Graduation Work Group supported partnerships in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland (OR), and San Jose (CA) as part of our Initiative to Support Struggling Students and Out-of-School Youth. The grants funded initial strategic assessments and broad-based partnerships that included educational advocacy groups, public school districts, public care agencies, service providers, parents, youth, and other stakeholders. For more information on this past investment of the MPG Work Group, please click here. MPG Work Group members are firmly committed to the belief that access to education should not be denied to anyone. For too long vulnerable young people have been denied an education through practices such as school disciplinary policies, school-to-prison pipeline practices, and inadequate budgeting to serve over-age and under-credited students who wish to reengage with school. Building on the success of past efforts, the MPG Work Group seeks to generate momentum among youth advocates and engage additional funders in coordinated efforts to expand education options and create opportunity policies in order to help all youth be "Connected by 25." The MPG Work Group hosts bimonthly conference calls to learn from each other and other experts about developments in our field, as well as periodic in-person gatherings for site visits and meetings.