DOE and DOJ Rescind Federal School Discipline Guidance

The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice have rescinded the Federal School Discipline Guidance. The action was taken four days after the Federal Commission on School Safety released recommendations that called for the removal of the critical civil rights guidance, and also made recommendations to arm school staff and “harden” schools.

Click here to read the revocation order.

Click here to access the full report from the Federal Commission on School Safety.

From our colleagues at the Communities for Just Schools Fund: “While we are disgusted by this Administration’s disregard for the civil rights and safety of students of color, we were by no means surprised by these efforts. We remain hopeful because we know Black and Brown youth and communities are leading the way for truly liberatory education in spite of our federal government. Check out this new report that features the local and statewide initiatives led by our community partners for truly safe and supportive schools!”