Housing Challenges for Vulnerable Young People: EWB Virtual Learning Session Summary

Thank you to our wonderful presenters, panelists, and participants for an enlightening conversation on February 25th that focused on access to stable and affordable housing, an important determinant of economic well-being for young people. This was the first of a series of virtual learning sessions that will be led by YTFG EWB Fellows, and that will explore the preconditions of economic well-being.

Carmen Noyola, a YTFG EWB Fellow and assistant project manager at Craig Lawson & Co LLC, led the conversation with a presentation emphasizing the role of stable housing in a young person’s journey to economic well-being, and shared case study on innovative approaches to affordable housing in the Los Angeles area.

Three LA-based panelists, Andrea Marchetti (executive director of Jovenes Inc), Jessica Hencier (associate project manager at Craig Lawson & Co LLC), and Fernanda Opperman (principal architect at Mutuo) discussed the need for creative approaches to built infrastructure when supporting homeless populations, as well as the importance of supportive services and access to beautiful spaces that provide a sense of dignity.

As Andrea Marchetti keenly noted in the panel discussion, “to improve the quality of housing for young people, it means we have to actually have housing for young people.”