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We Like These Trend Lines

The Annie E. Casey Foundation has been reporting out a lot of good news.  First, their recent Kids Count paper on Youth Incarceration in the United States reports that “the rate of young people locked up because they were in trouble with the law dropped more than 40 percent over a 15-year period, with noRead More

Caught in the Middle: Children of Incarcerated Parents and the Intersection of Harsh Sentencing and Child Welfare Policies

By Kathleen Creamer This article was originally published by the Stoneleigh Foundation on February 5, 2013. The Stoneleigh Foundation targets young people in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and works to improve the life outcomes of vulnerable and underserved children and youth. When a mother goes to jail, the impact on her family can be devastating. Most moms are theRead More

Legislating Common Sense

 The California Youth Connection e-letter included an update on two new pieces of legislation that have been introduced to the California State Assembly.  They are interesting pieces of legislation because they are absolutely common sense and based on best practices, yet they require legislation to compel the state to implement them. One legislation sets theRead More

Setting Justice-Involved Youth towards the Path to Success through Career and Technical Training

By Candace Putter This article was originally published by the Stoneleigh Foundation on December 11, 2012. The Stoneleigh Foundation targets young people in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems and works to improve the life outcomes of vulnerable and underserved children and youth. In 2008, when Jose was released from his nine-month stay in a Pennsylvania residentialRead More

Explainer: By the Numbers, Connecticut’s Experience With Juvenile Justice Reforms

By Sarah Boslaugh One of the greatest obstacles to reforming the juvenile justice system is the fear that “going soft” on juvenile crime will pose a threat to public safety, either by setting youthful marauders loose upon a defenseless public or by removing the supposed deterrent effect of harsh and mandatory punishments. A second obstacleRead More

Common Ground

Today’s post is written by Zerline Hughes Director of Communications for the Justice Policy Institute. It’s not often that individuals, organizations or politicians are on the same page. It’s hard finding common ground in today’s society that brings debate on civil rights, human rights and the right components for kids’ healthy upbringing, deterrence from “at-risk”Read More

Interest in Mental Health on the Rise?

The interest in supporting the mental health of our young people that find themselves in the juvenile justice system has been increasing over the past year. The flurry of violence across our country is certainly increasing it. The Juvenile Justice Work Group is having a discussion with Jim Henry from Southwest Michigan’s Childrens Trauma AssessmentRead More

Small Foundations, Big Wins: A Guide to Making Smart Choices About Grantmaking for Vulnerable Youth (2013)

This guide gives leaders of small foundations tried-and-true tools for building a strategic and effective grantmaking program. It also contains tips and examples to help you consider ways to leverage your investments. Download Publication

The Premise and the Promise of the California Connected by 25 Initiative (2011)

The California Connected by 25 Initiative (CC25I) was developed to fundamentally change the trajectory for youth emancipating from foster care. Through CC25I, all eight county sites set out to transform their systems of care and “connect” transition age foster youth to comprehensive, integrated, and youth-focused supports and services.  This brief highlights the successes and lessons learned through CC25I.Read More

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